Yogagenda 2017


The fifth edition of our yearly planner, with great new content from contributors world-wide.

A 3-in-1 datebook containing: a PLANNER with two yearly calendars, 12 individual monthly calendars and 52 weekly calendar pages; a HANDBOOK with information on yoga topics featuring photos and illustrations; a JOURNAL with blank pages for notes, drawing, journaling…

  • 256 pages in full colour
  • Language: English
  • Perfect bound (no wire-o binding)
  • Printed on FSC certified paper
  • 21.6 x 14 cm

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€18.95 (EUR)

Here are some sample pages. Please click on a page to enlarge the image.

Article Pages
Article Pages
Asana Pages
Asana Pages
Journal Pages
Journal Pages
Monthly Calendar Pages
Monthly Calendar Pages


Asana Overview
Asana Overview
Journal page
Journal page
Sanskrit Glossary
Sanskrit Glossary
Sequence Page
Sequence Page


> Moon phases, solstices, equinoxes and eclipses
> Weekly, monthly and yearly calendars
> Beautiful photos and illustrations
> 12 Monthly Change-Accept-Discover Pages
> Plenty of blank/journal pages
> Yoga festivals and meditation centres worldwide
> Introduction to Restorative Yoga
> A Restorative Yoga Sequence to Ease Anxiety
> Sanskrit glossary
> 12 Asana Pages

To celebrate our fifth year in print, instead of five candles, we have chosen five key words to sum up what we have put together to be with you from January to December during 2017. As the months progress and the calendar pages get more and more filled in with your personal entries relating to your life, we’d like to invite you to reflect, heal, create, study and course practise with us.

  • Asana Overview and Asana Pages by  Elena Sepúlveda. Six classic props, each featured twice: first, in a muscularly active type of asana and then in a Restorative yoga asana.
  • Introduction to Restorative Yoga by Carol Trevor. Find out about this nourishing practice that calms the nervous system by relieving the body and brain of activity and exertion.
  • The Yinside of New Year’s Resolutions by Bernie Clark.  These resolutions tend to be yang in nature, because they are about changing ourselves and our lives. But what about their yin aspect?
  • Yoga for Seasonal Sadness by Lisa Kaley-Isley. The absence of external light in winter may bring seasonal sadness, but yoga can help by connecting us to our essential internal light.
  • Keep Alkaline, Keep Healthy by Elena Sepúlveda.  Our diets, mind states and environments are as much allies as challenges for keeping the balance of acidity and alkalinity in our bodies.
  • Hatha Yoga: the Yang to Acupuncture’s Yin by Kayla Lakusta.  Bringing the body into one balanced state of yin and yang is the aim of both acupuncture and yoga.
  • The Science of Movement and Music by Derek Beres. Learn some useful facts to make better choices when building playlists for your yoga sessions.
  • Conscious Choices for Teacher Training by Mirjam Wagner and David Lurey.  Make your choice a conscious one with these simple but well-thought and clear suggestions.
  • Foot, Fascia, Spine: the Spring in our Step by Gary Carter. Human postural control is a complex process of balancing the motions of all structures of the body in the field of gravity.
  • Yoga for Autism by David Ellams. Yoga4Autism helps people with special needs through the use of natural methods to address causes, rather than cover up symptoms with mind-numbing drugs.
  • How Meditation Can Support your Artistic Practice by Karen Macklin. Creative work can test your body, mind and heart. Find out four ways meditation can fuel your creative efforts.
  • Creating a Yoga Blog from Your Heart by Michaela Olexova. If you feel the urge to express yourself, share and inspire others, blogging can be the best creative platform to reach your tribe, wherever they are.
  • Patanjali and the Yoga Sutras by Sattva Giacosa. When it comes to the Yoga Sutras and Patanjali, there is one fundamental aspect we can focus on understanding to draw us nearer to our innate nature.
  • Yoga Teaching Stories by Swami Saradananda.  What better way to understand yoga philosophy than to hear a story that illustrates an esoteric concept? The ancient rishis understood this and made use of the transformative power of teaching stories.

Derek Beres (The Science of Movement and Music) • Gary Carter (Foot, Fascia, Spine: the Spring in our Step) • Bernie Clark  (The Yinside of New Year’s Resolutions• David Ellams  (Yoga for Autism) • Sattva Giacosa (Renewing Wisdom: Patanjali and the Yoga Sutras) • Lisa Kaley-Isley (Yoga for Seasonal Sadness) • Kayla Lakusta (Hatha Yoga: the Yang to Acupuncture’s Yin) • Karoline Leopold (Graphic Design for Yogagenda 2017) • David Lurey (Conscious Choices for Teacher Training) • Karen Macklin (Being Again. And Again. How Meditation Can Support Your Artistic Practice• Michaela Olexova (10 Expert Tips to Creating a Yoga Blog from Your Heart) Swami Saradananda (Yoga Teaching Stories) • Elena Sepúlveda (Asana Overview and  Asana Pages: Yoga Props to Deepen Your Practice; Keep Alkaline, Keep Healthy• Michelle Taffe (Yoga Events  and Retreat Centres around the GlobeCarol Trevor (Introduction to Restorative Yoga; The Sequence: Restorative Yoga to Ease Anxiety)  Denise Ullmann (Yogagenda’s logo; Illustrations for Asana Pages Mirjam Wagner (Conscious Choices for Teacher Training)