Yogagenda 2016


The fourth edition of our yearly planner, with great new content from contributors world-wide.

A 3-in-1 datebook containing: a PLANNER with two yearly calendars, 12 individual monthly calendars and 52 weekly calendar pages; a HANDBOOK with information on Yoga topics featuring photos and illustrations; a JOURNAL with blank pages for notes, drawing, journaling…

  • 268 pages in full colour
  • Language: English
  • Perfect bound (no wire-o binding)
  • Printed on FSC certified paper
  • 21.6 x 14 cm

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€17.95 (EUR)

Here are some sample pages. Please click on a page to enlarge the image.

Article Pages
Article Pages
Asana Pages
Asana Pages
Journal Pages
Journal Pages
Monthly Calendar Pages
Monthly Calendar Pages
Session Planner Pages
Session Planner Pages
Superfood Recipe
Superfood Recipe
Walking Time Line
Walking Time Line
Weekly Calendar Pages
Weekly Calendar Pages


> Moon phases, solstices, equinoxes and eclipses
> Weekly, monthly and yearly calendars
> Beautiful photos and illustrations
> Seasonal superfoods and recipes
> Plenty of blank/journal pages
> Yoga festivals worldwide
> Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras
> Yoga session planner
> Sanskrit glossary
> Asana pages…

Be prepared to find a rich diversity of approaches to yoga in this edition! Because we live yoga through a diversity of choices: it is not only how we practice asana and meditation, but also how we breathe, what our relationship to nature and the wider society is, how we understand health and nutrition, our creative choices, the philosophy behind our actions, how we love as women or men…

  • Asana Overview: Yin Asanas for Self-Transformation. Elena Sepúlveda offers suggestions for practising Yin yoga in the context of sthira sukham.
  • Superfoods: Natural Choices for Superhealth. A breakdown of the beneficial elements in some nutrient-rich foods and a list of some easily available superfoods.
  • Mudras: an Introduction.Swami Saradananda introduces this powerful hand gestures used to stimulate subtle energy in the body.
  • Spring: an Ayurvedic perspective. Melina Meza explores the season from the point of view of Ayurveda, the traditional Indian medicine system.
  • Beyond the Mat: Buddhism, Mindful Awareness and Meditation. Mirjam Wagner reminds us of the need to pause and cultivate awareness.
  • Home Practice: Sequencing Your Yoga Asanas. David Lurey offers suggestions to help you create a personal yoga practice that really serves you.
  • Summer: Dancing with Sunlight and Shadow. Jilly Shipway explores the season in terms of the interplay of light and shadow, offering meditation questions for self-inquiry.
  • Female Power: Yoga and the Divine Feminine. Nianna Bray celebrates female sexuality and power from a tantric perspective.
  • Conscious Breathing: a Master Key for Health. Alejandra Vidal encourages us to breathe well and points out the benefits of conscious breathing for our health.
  • Autumn: Life, Yoga and the Body Clock. Tina Hedrén explores the season from the point of view of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  • Light on Tapas: Burning Away the Personal Agenda. Clayton Horton explains tapas as the work that provides progress and success to any transformational process.
  • Ourmala: Socially Conscious Yoga. Emily Brett writes about the yoga services offered to asylum-seekers by this London-based charity.
  • Winter: Yoga, Yantras and You. Debra Kochanczyk explores the season and introduces us to the world of mystical diagrams, or yantras.
  • Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras Throughout the weeks you will find the 34 sutras in Sanskrit from the fourth chapter of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. Translation into English here.

Nianna Bray (Female Power: Yoga and the Divine Feminine) • Emily Brett ( Ourmala: Socially Conscious Yoga) Tina Hedrén (Autumn: Life, Yoga and the Body Clock) Clayton Horton (Light onTapas: Burning Away the Personal Agenda) Debra Kochanczyk (Winter: Yantras, Yoga and You) • David Lurey (Home Practice: Sequencing your Yoga Asanas) • Josep Macizo (Yogagenda’s graphic design) Melina Meza (Spring: an Ayurvedic Perspective) Swami Saradananda (Mudras: an Introduction)Elena Sepúlveda (Superfoods: Natural Choices for Superhealth; Asana Overview: Yin Asanas for Self Transformation; Asana Pages) Jilly Shipway ( Summer: Dancing with Sunlight and Shadow) Michelle Taffe (Yoga Festivals and Celebrations) Denise Ullmann (Yogagenda’s logo; Illustrations forAsanas and The Sequence) Irina Verwer (Recipes for Superfoods) Alejandra Vidal (Conscious Breathing: a Master Key for Health) •Mirjam Wagner ( Beyond the Mat: Buddhism, Mindful Awareness and Meditation)