Juliette Allard-Campbell (The Sequence: Movement-Breath Harmoniser). Juliette has been practicing and teaching Yoga in Barcelona for the last 11 years, where she now manages the non-profit Yoga studio Yoga con Gracia. She travels the world over from India to New York to train with her heart’s best choice teachers: her love for Yoga has no borders and gives her wings. Her creative Yoga classes are lead with joy and open-heartedness.

Neville Cregan (Patanjali’s Eight-Limbed Path of Yoga). Neville has been studying and practicing Yoga for 20 years, and teaching for 15. He has a Humanities degree based in Indian Religions and Philosophy and teaches the History and Philosophy of Yoga on the London Yoga Teacher Training course. He is also a freelance writer. He lives in Totnes, Devon, UK and teaches there and worldwide.

Esther Hertog (Yoga in the First Person). From a young age, Esther fell in love with the magical world of the circus. In 2006 she was introduced to Acroyoga; it was love at first sight! In 2010 completed a 200-hr Vinyasa Yoga teacher training, and later that year became a certified Acroyoga teacher. She currently lives in Amsterdam and works around the world as a documentary filmmaker and an (Acro)Yoga teacher.

SadaNam Kaur (Our Ten Energy Bodies). SadaNam is a Kundalini Yoga teacher and coach. With more than 20 years experience, she is an expert in flow, realising life purpose and potential, emotional and social intelligence, NLP and accelerated learning. She was one of the first people to develop coaching in the UK. Her current programs are: My Wonderful Year, My Wonderful Life and Happiness Made Easy.

David Lurey (Shiva-Shakti: Exploring Feminine and Masculine Energies). David was introduced to Yoga in 1996 and since then has developed into a talented, focused and caring teacher. Studying different aspects of Yoga with various experienced teachers all over the world has deeply prepared him to help you embrace all aspects of your practice. Together with his wife MirjamWagner, he runs Shiva-Shakti retreats for personal transformation.

David Lutt (Yoga and Thai Massage). David, a French licensed osteopath, combines his expertise and love of osteopathy with Thai massage. He lived in Asia immersing himself in Yoga, Shiatsu, Vipassana meditation and Thai massage. Co-founder of the College Osteo Thai in France, he runs Thai massage and Osteo Thai courses worldwide. His love for movement, rhythm and fluidity makes him enjoy capoeira, swimming in the sea and… football!

Helen Noakes (Helicoidal Flow: Yoga as a Body Holiday). Helen came to Yoga in the ‘70s through her own mother. She attended a Scaravelli-inspired class in the late ‘90s and was very moved by the depth she was able to touch without even understanding this new language of instruction! She has been teaching this style of Yoga globally for the last 11 years and is profoundly influenced by integral and spontaneous movement and by dance.

Swami Saradananda (Mandalas: Mystical Meditative Diagrams). An internationally-renowned Yoga and meditation teacher, Swami’s books include The Power of Breath, Chakra Meditation, Teach Yourself Yoga, Yoga Mind and Body and The Essential Guide to Chakras. She worked with the Sivananda Yoga Centres for 30 years as senior teacher and spiritual head of various facilities. After a period of personal practice in the Himalayas, she is now based in London and teaches worldwide.

Elena Sepúlveda (Asana Overview: Poses of the Seven Chakras; Yoga as Service, Yoga as Business; Taking Yoga beyond the Mat). As a founder, publisher and editor of Yogagenda, she is the beating heart of this project that brings together her love for Yoga and her passion for publishing. Spanish-born and currently based in Brighton, UK, she is a Yoga teacher (Vinyasa and Yin) and a body worker (Chavutti Thirumal), but also a freelance writer and translator.

Amelie Strecker (Yoga, Ayurveda and the Seasons). Amelie’s family background helped her to be open to experiment spirituality on all levels. She is a very passionate and dedicated student of Vinyasa Yoga, Yoga philosophy, Ayurveda, Chinese medicine and everything that helps human beings to transform their lives into a beautiful experience. She leads regular classes inBarcelona, as well as teacher trainings and retreats and workshops all over Europe.

Susanne Streidl (Asana Pages). Being a life-time student on the Yogic path and a part-time Vinyasa Yoga teacher, Susanne converted her father’s hairdresser’s shop into her own studio Yogajoy in Bavaria, Germany, in 2010. She feels thankful and happy for all the magical transformations Yoga brought into her life and has a great desire to share the joy of Yoga with other humans.

Michelle Taffe (Festivals and Celebrations). Michelle is the founder of the digital yoga magazine, The Global Yogi –an online Yogic hub that connects yogis with teachers, studios, retreat centres and Yoga events worldwide. TGY is updated monthly with articles about Yoga and the spiritual path. With a background in web design and development, Michelle is now based in Australia, but has lived most of the last 10 years in Spain.

Irina Verwer (Yoga and Food). Irina is intensely grateful for all of life’s gifts, including being given the opportunity to share her love for Yoga through teaching in The Netherlands and beyond, as well as through writing articles about her favorite topics: Yoga and food. As a vegan foodie, she is always inventing new recipes and currently combining them into a Yogic cookbook.

Mirjam Wagner (Anatomy and Yoga; Shiva-Shakti). After studying different healing techniques and working for years as a Yoga/Pilates teacher and osteopath, Mirjam focuses on teaching the knowledge of human anatomy in a simple, transparent and very effective way. She brings new understanding of body, mind and soul to Yoga practice and to daily life habits. Together with her husband David Lurey, she runs Shiva-Shakti retreats for personal transformation.

Mary T. Bauer (Proofreading). A translator and writer based in Barcelona. She loves healthy organic cooking, travelling, hiking and doing Yoga, although she often strays from the Yoga path, seeking enlightenment and relaxation via other less salubrious routes. She also enjoys translating and writing about these same subjects.

Gabrielle Green (Copy Editing). Yoga has been an on-again, off-again feature in Gabrielle’s life since 1990. Although she’s been more “yogi–no” than “yogi–ni” recently, she plans to populate Yogagenda 2013 with more time for Yoga and self. Barcelona-based and Australian-born, she takes on publishing projects, teaches English and continues to explore her new city when not chasing after toddler Xavi.


Wari Om (Yogagenda’s Graphic Design; Photographs for Yoga and Thai Massage, Helicoidal Flow, Yoga and Food, Shiva-Shakti and many magical touches to many other images). Wari is a Yoga teacher certified by Witryh Escuela de Yoga, Spain. Also an Acroyoga teacher, certified in the US by Jason Nemer and Jenny Sauer-Klein. He runs the Omshanti Yoga Studio with his brother and sister, and together they organize the Barcelona Yoga Conference. He is a photographer, designer, video editor and webmaster.

Marta Moia (Monthly Symbols’ illustrations). Marta trained as a painter at art school in her native Buenos Aires. Later she studied Textile Design at Chelsea School of Art in London, where she spent many years working in the arts and publishing before moving to southern Spain. She continues painting and taking inspiration from her surroundings in the mountains of Las Alpujarras, Granada.

Lezanne Swart (Illustrations for The Sequence). Lezanne embarked on her Yoga journey in 1998. She believes that it’s a practice that asks us to live a more authentic life and enables us to do so joyfully and with compassion as we find our way back to our true selves. When she is not teaching Yoga, she dabbles in all things creative, such as design, photography and painting.

Denise Ullmann (Yogagenda’s logo; illustrations for Asana Pages). Born in Buenos Aires, Denise believes in life and all activities that bring integrity and joy to the person. She practises Yoga, Acroyoga and dancing, and has painted since she can remember. After having studied arts, she has illustrated logos for festivals, stories, postcards and a variety of different projects. She recently edited her first own illustrated book, Asai Va.

Pilar Bergadà (Photographs for Taking Yoga beyond the Mat). Pilar trained as a photographer in Barcelona’s IEFC. Her images have an emphasis on intimate spaces, for which she uses mainly portraits, documentary photography and her very personal style. Without words, her images invite to inner dialogue. Yoga came into her life six years ago, and she currently practices and lives inBerlin, where she works as a translator as well.

Esther Hertog (Photographs for Yoga in the First Person, except the photograph credited on the page to Kat Strider). See above.

Josep Macizo (Design for Josep is a very precise and versatile web designer focused on producing sites that reflect his client’s needs and identity, may it be a multilayered on-line shop or a complex site with the organic look and function of a paper notebook. Technology aside, he also studied fine arts, loves drawing in all its forms and is happy as a child with a pencil in his hands.

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