Who We Are

As the founder, publisher and editor of Yogagenda, Elena Sepúlveda is the beating heart of this project that brings together her love for yoga and her passion for publishing. Spanish-born and currently nomadic, she is a yoga teacher (Vinyasa and Yin) and a body worker (Chavutti Thirumal), but also a freelance writer and translator. Her aim is to creatively blend both facets, finding enjoyable and beneficial ways to share the results. In the process of creating the agendas, she is enjoying her own writing as much as being able to offer a space for yogis to express different views and creativities.

The following people have contributed in different ways to each year’s edition. To know more about each of them, please click on the Yogagenda 2012, Yogagenda 2013, Yogagenda 2014 or Yogagenda 2016 buttons.

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