Yogagenda 2014

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Asana Overview: Yin Asanas for All Seasons Seasonal Energy: Balancing Change • The Body of Life: Inhabiting our Practice  Meditation: A Practical Perspective • Yoga Beyond the Mat: The Choclo Project  Yin & Yang Yoga: The Perfect Combo  The Koshas: Unleashing Yoga’s Potential  Mantra and Vibration: A Divine Path to Union • Durga: The Goddes of a Thousand Faces Fascia: The Glue that Holds Our Body Together • Yoga in the First Person: Dancing to Kali’s Energy • To Eat or Not to Eat: A Yogic Diet • Hanuman: The Breath within the Breath  The Sequence: Yin for the Spine  Yoga Festivals and Celebrations for 2014



Martin Aylward (The Body of Life) Wenche Beard (Yoga in the First Person) Sarah Dawson (The Koshas) Gabrielle Green (Copy Editing) José de Groot (Yin & Yang Yoga) Vidya Heisel (To Eat or Not to Eat) David Lurey (Mantra and Vibration) Mariah Mansvelt Beck (The Sequence)Josep Macizo (Web Design for and Graphic Design for Yogagenda 2014) • Marta Moia (Seasonal Monthly Symbols’ illustrations)Irantzu Piquero (Durga) Swami Saradananda (Meditation) Elena Sepúlveda (Asana Overview, 12 Yin Asanas, Yoga Beyond the Mat, Seasonal Monthly Symbols) Michelle Taffe (Festivals and Celebrations)Denise Ullmann (Yogagenda’s logo; illustrations for Asana Pages)ShukRam Das (Hanuman) •  Mirjam Wagner (Anatomy Fascia) Sue Woodd and Julie Hanson (Seasonal Energy)

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