Yogagenda 2012

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CONTENTS  Yoga and the Year 2012 • Asana Overview Rolling the Morning Joints • Styles and Schools of Yoga • Anatomy  Strength and Flexibility  Pranayama • Bandhas and Granthis • Chakras • Sanskrit • Mantras • Sacred Texts • Yoga and Men  Green Yoga  Festivals and Celebrations  Asana Pages • Patanjali’s Sutras.

Aziza (Asana illustrations) Mary T. Bauer (Proofreading) Michael E. Campbell (Yoga and Men) David Lurey (Green Yoga; Rolling the Morning Joints) Mariah Mansvelt Beck (Text Editing) Gloria Rosales (Sanskrit) Elena Sepúlveda (Founder/Editor/Writer) Susanne Streidl (Asanas) Denise Ullmann (Yogagenda’s logo) Mirjam Wagner (Anatomy) Louis Gabriel Watel (Mantras) Wari (Graphic Design and photographs)
Front covers: Igor Shikov/ (Buddha); Eky Studio/ (Pebbles); Uttam Gurjar/ (Ganesha); Anette Linnea Rasmussen/ (Petals); Wari/ (Green Leaf, Tree, Arm-Balance, Hand-Stand).