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Strength and Flexibility: The Balancing of Opposites

How is the balance between Ha and Tha in your practice? Do you generally prefer to cultivate strength or are you happier working on your flexibility? In general and as we deepen our yoga practice, we are seeking a healthier balance between the two physical extremes of strength and flexibility.

Interview with Acupuncturist, Psychologist and Yogini Kayla Lakusta

Kayla is a graduate of Alberta College of Acupuncture and TCM, and a member of the Alberta Governing Board of Acupuncturists. Kayla’s passion for Eastern philosophy drives her in life. Making connections with like-minded people and sparking ideas fuel Kayla to be an active participant and a creative and involved practitioner.

Interview with Yoga Nidra Teacher Carol Trevor

Carol has a passion for the powerful, quiet practices of yoga: pranayama, restorative, yoga Nidra and meditation, as a means of enjoying peace, vibrancy and fulfillment in everyday life. She is a dedicated practitioner, teacher and teacher trainer based in the UK, and the creator of a series of progressive yoga Nidra downloads.

Interview with Yoga Teacher and Author Bernie Clark

Bernie is a meditation and yoga teacher, creator of the www.YinYoga.com website, and author of several books on yoga from the Western scientific viewpoint and the Eastern traditional viewpoints. His ongoing studies have taken him deeply inside mythology, comparative religions, psychology, physiology and anatomy.

Interview with Yantra Artist and Yoga Teacher Debra Kochanczyk

Debra is co-founder of OmAge Yoga and Director of OmAge International 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training School. She now lives in Tuscany, Italy. Debra is a passionate and internationally recognized yoga teacher and harmony enthusiast. She is also an artist who through the journey of yoga discovered the ancient and symbolic Yantra art.

Interview with Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Clayton Horton

Clayton is the director of Greenpath Yoga. He has been a student of yoga since 1988 and studied with both masters, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and the Greensufi, for a period of over 14 years. His practice and teachings are rooted in the Ashtanga Vinyasa tradition and daily meditation.

Interview with Seasonal Hatha Teacher Tina Hedren

Tina is based in Sweden and teaches Seasonal Hatha, a type of yoga that flows in harmony with the seasons. She is a Yoga Alliance affiliate and offers trainings, workshops and retreats. Together with her colleague, Sue Wood, she has created two unique Body Clock Yoga DVDs as a medium for sharing more information.

Interview with Yoga Teacher, Journalist and Coach Alejandra Vidal

Alejandra Vidal is a journalist, coach and certified yoga teacher. She currently works on different editorial and journalistic projects, while teaching yoga classes, workshops and seminars. Less than a year ago she opened her own yoga studio and therapy centre in Barcelona: Espacio de Yoga. She's also the creator of Corporate Yoga, a project that combines the corporative and the spiritual and offers yoga classes and relaxation and meditation techniques adapted to the needs of people in business.

Interview with Yogini, Philanthropist and Adventurer Nianna Bray

Nianna Bray is an inspiring yogini, philanthropist and adventurer sharing the wisdom of embodiment while running her non-profit, childrenweserve.org and leading global retreats and trainings She lights a fire in the hearts of her students and gives them the tools to tend the flame. She is honoured to contribute to this edition of Yogagenda and looks forward to meeting you along the path.

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