All About Yogagenda

All About

Yogagenda is a valuable tool to help you manage a precious resource: TIME.

Introspection and daily life routines come together in this unique publication which is at the same time a yearly PLANNER, a yoga HANDBOOK and a JOURNAL. Its calendars allow you to plan your days and schedule your classes or other appointments while you draw on inspiration from its yoga writings and beautiful artwork; its journal pages provide further space for notes, drawing, journaling… Open the links below to know more about Yogagenda.

    The PLANNER helps you organize your day/month/year. With two year-at-a-glance calendars, 12 individual monthly calendars with notes space, and 52 well-organized weekly calendar pages with information on moon phases, solstices, equinoxes and eclipses.
    The HANDBOOK inspires and informs you. With in-depth articles about yoga written by experienced teachers, a thorough list of the year’s yoga festival and celebrations around the world, 12 detailed asanas and one complete sequence or a yoga session planner, a Sanskrit glossary, and beautiful photos and illustrations throughout.
    The JOURNAL brings together introspection and daily life routines. Some editions have questions prompting written reflection on the topics introduced in the articles, and all editions have plenty of blank pages for notes, drawing, journaling or whatever takes your fancy.
About Yogagenda - Who We Are

We Are

As the founder, publisher and editor of Yogagenda, Elena Sepúlveda is the beating heart of this project that brings together her love for yoga and her passion for publishing.

Spanish-born and currently nomadic, she is a yoga teacher (Vinyasa and Yin) and a body worker (Chavutti Thirumal), but also a freelance writer and translator. Her aim is to creatively blend both facets, finding enjoyable and beneficial ways to share the results. In the process of creating the agendas, she is enjoying her own writing as much as being able to offer a space for yogis to express different views and creativities.

  • The following people have contributed in different ways to each year’s edition
    To know more about each of them, please click on the Yogagenda 2012, Yogagenda 2013, Yogagenda 2014 or Yogagenda 2016 buttons.

    Graphic Design by Karoline Leopold (YA 2017), Josep Macizo (YA 2016, YA 2014), Wari Om (YA 2013, YA 2012).

    Web Design by The Webmaster Co. de Barcelona.

    Illustrations by Denise Ullmann, Aziza, Lezanne Swart, Marta Moia, Marijke van der Graaf.

    Photographs as credited in each year’s edition.

    Articles by Juliette Allard-Campbell, Martin Aylward, Wenche Beard, Derek Beres, Nianna Bray, Emily Brett, Michael Campbell, Gary Carter, Bernie Clark, Neville Cregan, ShukRam Das (Patrick Vermeulen), Sarah Dawson, David Ellams, Sattva Giacosa, José de Groot, Julie Hanson, Tina Hedrén, Vidya Heisel, Esther Hertog, Clayton Horton, Lisa Kaley-Isley, SadaNam Kaur, Debra Kochanczyk, Kayla Lakusta, David Lurey, David Lutt, Karen Macklin, Mariah Mansvelt Beck, Melina Meza, Helen Noakes, Michaela Olexova, Irantzu Piquero, Gloria Rosales, Swami Saradananda, Elena Sepúlveda, Jilly Shipway, Susanne Streidl, Amelie Streker, Michelle Taffe, Carol Trevor, Irina Verwer, Alejandra Vidal, Mirjam Wagner, Louis Gabriel Watel, Sue Woodd.

    Yogagenda Logo by Denise Ullmann.

    Copy Editing (and lots of great advice!) by Mariah Mansvelt Beck, Gabrielle Green.

    Proofreading by Claire Sutcliffe, Mary T. Bauer, Amanda Dawn Blackley.

About Yogagenda - Mission Statement


Our goal is to be of service to yoginis and yogis as they plan their yearly, monthly or weekly activities, and to inspire them to deepen their practice by offering accessible information on different yoga-related topics, as well as on yoga events happening all over the world.
We also aim to provide a space for all to express and share their views and creativities through contributions. We are committed to learning from our readers’ feedback and suggestions, so each year’s edition better reflects the yoga community’s needs and desires.

  • The Environment
    As a print publication, we are aware of our environmental impact. Yogagenda 2012 and Yogagenda 2013 used vegetable-based inks which reduce the amount of depleting compounds released into the air and are safer to dispose of. We worked with recycled paper and/or paper from traceable sources, and these -as well as our printers- were FSC certified, therefore complying with socially and environmentally responsible forestry criteria. Yogagenda 2014, Yogagenda 2016 and Yogagenda 2017 have been printed on demand. That means we only print what our readers buy and the copies go directly to the final user or wholesaler from our FSC and PEFC certified printers; this reduces dramatically the environmental impact of transport as well as the amount of paper waste from unsold issues.

    As an online resource, we also think of the environment and use a carbon-positive web hosting service. Eco Web Hosting calculates its carbon emissions and ensures that more than this total is absorbed by the trees they plant in Ransom Wood Business Park in Nottinghamshire, UK.

  • Solidarity
    Each year we donate copies of Yogagenda to projects dedicated to helping those in need. The first year we supported the program RESPIRA ALEGRIA , an initiative offering free yoga classes to socially excluded persons in order to help them improve their physical and mental health. RA is currently working in prisons and centres for people with learning and physical difficulties in Barcelona, the city where Yogagenda was first published.

    We also donated agendas to THE PRISON PHOENIX TRUST, a registered charity offering support in prisons, young offender institutions, immigration removal centres, secure hospitals and probation hostels around the UK and the Republic of Ireland. With their work, their teachers encourage people in the development of their spiritual welfare, through the practices of meditation and yoga, working with silence and the breath.

    Another initiative we have donated agendas to is THE HACKNEY YOGA PROJECT, a project that made yoga accessible to refugee and asylum-seeking women in East London. This project evolved into OURMALA, a UK-based charity also working with the refugee and asylum-seeking community in London and offering yoga classes to women who have experienced atrocities such as torture, sexual violence in conflict, human trafficking and FGM (female genital mutilation).

About Yogagenda - Calling For Contributors

For Contributors

We are calling for contributors for our next editions.

We want Yogagenda to reflect the wealth of creativity and insightful knowledge which is at the heart of the yoga community world-wide. If you would like to contribute writing or images for our next printed edition, please contact us with your suggestions.

Each yearly printed edition features a biographical note for each one of the contributors in the Who Contributed to Yogagenda section of the publication, including links to personal pages and yoga projects. We also promote contributors’ events and publish interviews with them in our Yogagenda Newsletter throughout the year, as well as inserting a link to their work in the Friends section of our webpage.